Best Use of Data

This award rewards a campaign that:

  • effectively used digital tools to measure and evaluate the achievement of communication goals
  • demonstrably used partial measurements and evaluations to adapt the campaign along the way (example: re-marketing; data driven,…)
  • can demonstrate a tangible result in terms of activation or interaction with targets or in traffic generation.

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The winners

  • Gold Wavemaker Telenet – From Database to Data-Based
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  • Silver Space Engie – Enabling Client Data to improve low-waste Media Planning
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  • Bronze Ads & Data & Dentsu Cristal – Double Reach thanks to data-optimised Targeting
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  • Nominee Semetis Korian – Multidata Approach for better elderly Care Image
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  • Nominee UM Nescafé Dolce Gusto – CRM Expansion with Data Clean Room
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