Best Use of Native & Content

This prize rewards a strategy and its execution which used channels of content distribution in a remarkable and successful way.
The dossier must contain and demonstrate the following criteria:

  • planning the distribution of content on platforms
  • the adequacy of the choice of channels with the target and the values within the brand strategy
  • the extent of the amplification of contacts (buzz, shares, comments, etc.)

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The winners

  • Gold SLICE / RMB Keytrade Bank – Conseils à 2 balles
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  • Silver Mindshare Bol – Magisch Sinterklaasfeest
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  • Bronze EssenceMediacom Adidas – Club Originals
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  • Nominee Publicis Groupe Bruxelles Mobilité – Cairgo Bike, Good Wheels
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  • Nominee
    Proximus First virtual Pukkelpop
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