Club33 Café: save the date

Are you ready to mix up next 18/9 night with inspiration and innovation? Club33 has something special brewing just for you!

Afterwards, the Club33 Café stays open for drinks with colleagues and other young media pros. It’s the perfect chance to meet new people in the industry, and make sure you’ll always have familiar faces on that next media event.
We look forward to getting to know you and exchange around a few drinks on the house.

Ready to leap? Secure your spot now!

Wednesday 18 September 2024 – 18:00, LIVE session.

Venue: to be confirmed

This event is free but for “Club33 members only”.



Club33 Café: save the date

18 September 2024



Membre: €

This event is for CommPass members only, younger than 34 years old.