We are a community of people active in the media & advertising industry. Our aim is to inspire while always having a good time. We organise events that are made for the ‘younger’ professionals of our sector. From talks, to discussions, reflections on the important topics of today, we do all of this but always with a drink our hand. Don’t hesitate come and get to know more people like us and also learn from the wisest people from our business.

All Club33 activities are free for anyone involved in media and advertising, under the age of 34 and member of CommPass.

Next events

  • 07Mar
    Club33: Have You met... Gabriel Goldberg?



“Have you met…?”

Club33 community invites inspiring “media (wo)men”. They all need to prepare for 3 questions :

  1. Your career story.
  2. Keys moments. The good, but also the bad.
  3. If you could share only 1 piece of advice, what would that be?

The evenings are very informal.
The aim is to let you ask the questions that you would like to ask.
This is club33 members only ! And it is free.

Steering group members

Club33, no longer for but together with young talents.

Begin 2023, we launched the steering group with several Club33 members who are committed to raising awareness of Club33 and formulating an offer by and for media experts under 34.
In addition, we can also count on the support of Club33 ambassadors who inform their colleagues about our activities.

  • Anthony O’Donnell
  • Melissa Vitabile | EssenceMediacom
  • Laura Ottoy | Var
  • Sam De Clerck | transfer
  • Lindsay Auwers | Brightfish
  • Dieter Vits | Publicis
  • Jo Ringoet | PHD Media
  • François Vercruysse | Root
  • Juliette Coche

  • Karen Heurckmans | Ads & Data