CommPass in English

The current website is proposed in two linguistic versions : French and Dutch, the main languages spoken in Belgium. But English is regularly present in the activities of CommPass, in particular during the Media Sessions, Symposium and Media Vision Day. If we intend to open our brains to relevant contributions, we have to facilitate the speeches of the national and international speakers. So we invite them to present their work in the language of their choice : French, Dutch or English. Sometimes, our speakers help the assistance by using their text-slides in one of these languages, and by having their speech in another of them.

CommPass is the new name of the association GRP (Group for Research and Planning), a non-profit organization founded in April 1987 by a group of people coming from the media business.

CommPass is dedicated to the promotion of media in a broad sense : strategy, planning, research, relating to all possible touchpoints. It addresses a large public, with no focus on a particular sector. So everyone being in charge of “media” is part of the target-group, coming from a creative agency, a media agency, a media company, a media sales house, a research company, an advertiser or an academic organ.

Empowering Media People
This mission statement has been adopted in 2014 and resumes the basic ambition of CommPass : empowering the people in charge of the media with activities helping them to go forward. CommPass is not related to any lobby-group and is not defending any particular interest.

CommPass fulfills this mission via the following activities :
• Share of knowledge through the CommPass Sessions (thematic conferences)
• Trainings through the CommPass Media School
• Trendwatching through the CommPass Media Vision Day
• Promotion of the media expertise through the CommPass AMMA, rewarding the excellence in the different fields of the media business

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