Media Research of the Year

The jury will assess the following criteria:

  1. Innovation: a new field of research or a study taking an original look at a specific material.
  2. Public access: the study must be accessible to everyone, it means that its data must be available at a reasonable price to a large number of players in the advertising market, or that parties or certain conclusions of this study have been communicated to the market, among other things in the form of an article in the specialized press or presented to a large number of players on the market.
  3. Robustness: the study must be solidly structured (sample, methodology, etc.).

It can be a study commissioned by one of the market players but also a research conducted by a market research office or by a university.

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The winners

  • Gold VIA Attention, a Key Metric for your Video Plan
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  • Silver KANTAR AI to predict the creative Performance of Video Ads
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  • Bronze Trustmedia | Mediafin The Power of Podcast
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Other nominees