Club33: Have You met... Gabriel Goldberg?

Gabriel Goldberg, founder of Semetis and CEO of Hakacia

Gabriel Goldberg started as the first employee of Google Belgium, he later founded Semetis in 2009, rapidly establishing it as one of the leading Belgian digital marketing consultancies. His pioneering vision transformed the industry landscape, and Semetis was later acquired and integrated into Omnicom Media Group.

He played a crucial role in accelerating the digital integration at OMD Belgium. In 2019, Gabriel and partner Nicolas Debray launched Hakacia, a coaching platform supporting Belgian scale-ups. Him and Nicolas Debray, the second founder of Semetis continued to have a supporting role in the agency’s management until 2023.

Mr. Goldberg is still active in the industry, serving as a Leadership Coach, Director, Business Angel, and Investor. He is a Board Member of the Brussels Chamber of Commerce (BECI), representing the digital industry. Additionally, Gabriel is involved in The Dot Society, a leading force in Fashion/Beauty Digital Marketing.

Gabriel Goldberg  has always been determined to challenge the status quo, so come on the 7th of March and discover the story that led to become the man he is. A discussion where he insists will be “without any taboos”.

We look forward to exchange around a few drinks and don’t hesitate to bring a colleague. The more the merrier !

Exclusive event for CommPass members, free access.

See you soon,