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A Digital Quality Label for the Belgian market (Thierry Hugot, Directeur Commercial et Marketing, Groupe Rossel)
UBA and WE MEDIA Digital have taken a joint initiative to create a “Quality label” that will judge the quality of websites on the basis of objective criteria (like brandsafety, viewability, fraude, UX…) – a label that is comparable with the “digital ad trust” initiative in France

Meaningful Brands, Meaningful Content, Meaningful Media (Hugues Rey, CEO, Havas Media Belgium)
What are the learnings of the 2nd wave of the survey “meaningfull brands” and how can we use this knowlegde to do a better job in addressing the consumer with relevant (advertising) content

Cannes Media Lions (Corinne Verstraete, Managing Director, Mediacom Belgium
The festival of Cannes judges the best of the best of advertising from all over the world. What where the winning and/or inspiring cases in this years Media Lions competition?

Re-Evaluating 4. Media – The Belgium edition (Nathalie Taboch, General Manager, Ebiquity France+Belgium)
What are the qualities required from an advertising medium to deliver a campaign that grows a business in the long term ? What is the evidence that reveals the true worth of media?5.

RetailCulture (Cédric Tytgat, Chief Strategy Officer, IPG Mediabrands)
IPG Mediabrands has adapted this proprietary survey to the Belgian market to decipher the customer journey in retail. What are the trends that we should keep an eye on?

Ad’titude 2019 (Katrien Merckx, Senior Media Expert, BPost Media)
This is the second wave of Ad’titude, the surveythat investigates the attitude of people towards advertising on different touchpoints.